Origami crane monochrome ink original artwork

Paper Crane - 77 cm x 57 cm

Regular price $2,000

Origami Crane. 77 cm x 57 cm.

Black permanent waterproof, fadeproof, pen ink on Arches WC Paper 640gsm Rough

I just love how this gorgeous paper crane captures so much life and movement. I folded hundreds of traditional paper cranes during my school days, but when I stumbled across this design I was truly awestruck.

I love how the lighting in this piece really gives the impression that the crane is putting on a bit of a performance, spreading its delicate wings to catch the light.


Original artwork can be supplied unframed or, for an additional fee, archival framed in Australia on white matt.


This artwork is inspired by origami designed by Ramon Diaz and Daniel Naranjo, and folded by Emre Ayaroglu.