AJ Laundess. AJLDraws. Ashlea. Artist. AJL.



I'm AJ, a professional engineer and artist. While many people would be surprised at that combination, I find both art and engineering to be different paths for achieving a very similar goal - understanding the way in which the world around us is put together.

I'm naturally super curious, always seeking to increase my understanding of how things work, or how they're made. In both my engineering and my art, I enjoy taking the time to truly investigate and "see" how things are constructed, and to use that knowledge in my work.

I love doing detailed hyperrealistic artworks that replicate objects, plants and animals in the natural world. I absolutely love drawing, and always have. Whether it be a detailed engineering drawing, a complex hyperrealistic work, or a fun and carefree digital line drawing or cartoon, I enjoy every stroke of my pencil or swipe of my stylus.

I've been drawing since I was a little girl, and my favourite media is the humble black felt tip pen.  I like the clean lines it produces, and the blackness of the ink. I like that I can take a pen and paper with me anywhere, so there's always an opportunity to sketch when inspiration strikes.  I like layering up the ink to create the darkest shadows, and working with something that is not easily erased. I've always loved black and white photography and much of my artwork is an extension of that.

I'm a Brisbane based artist, though I've lived in a bunch of different locations throughout Australia, from sunny outback Queensland to sleepy coastal beach towns.

If you have any questions about me  or  my work, shoot me an email at ajlaundess@gmail.com !