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Now that there are quite a few different types of products up on the store I've been getting some questions about how things are shipped, so I thought I'd do a blog post answering those questions plus giving you all a bit of a rundown on how my shipping process works.

Shipping - the Basics

First things first: AJL Draws is really a one-woman operation. I create all the original artwork myself, I create and run the website, I do all of the accounting and order fulfillment stuff on the back-end of the website, I respond to all your questions via email and social media, and in many instances I am also the one that packages up your orders and drops them off at the post office or courier for shipment.

Now, the shipping process is a little different for each type of product I sell. The next sections will explain how things work for the different types of products you see here on my website.

Original Artworks

Original artworks typically list on the website unframed, though most people that purchase an original request that it is framed prior to shipping (you can make such a request by shooting me an email or a message on social media).

Unframed Original Artwork Shipping

Unframed original artworks are shipped flat, packaged alongside sturdy, unbendable, protective cardboard or wood, depending on the artwork size. I ship my originals flat as the heavy Arches paper I use is too thick and rigid to roll!

Small unframed originals will typically be shipped via Australia Post's Express Post service, while large artworks (> A3 in size) are generally shipped via courier. In both cases, your unframed original artwork will ship from Brisbane.

Framed Original Artwork Shipping

Framed original artworks are typically wrapped in protective bubble wrap and then packaged in custom boxes made of cardboard (for small works) or timber (for large works). Large sized artworks will often ship directly from the framer, while small artworks are sometimes framed and shipped by me. In both cases, framed originals are generally shipped via a courier service out of Brisbane.

framed artwork in custom packing crates ready for shipping

Fine Art Reproductions

Just like original artworks, reproductions (or prints) typically list on the website unframed, though you can request for your art to be framed for an additional fee (just email me or send me a message on social media to request a frame).

Unframed Reproduction Shipping

Unframed reproductions are typically shipped rolled inside a protective cardboard tube. In most cases unframed reproductions are printed and shipped on demand by my favourite reproduction service here in Brisbane.

Framed Reproduction Shipping

Framed reproductions are shipped wrapped in protective bubble wrap and sealed safely inside a custom made box. These artworks are printed, framed and shipped on demand by my favourite reproduction service here in Brisbane.

framed and unframed reproductions packaged in cardboard boxes ready for shipping

Greeting Cards

Greeting card packs are assembled, packaged and shipped by me. Your cards will be bound together, mounted against non-bendable carboard and wrapped securely in tissue paper, then shipped in a bubble wrap lined satchel via Australia Post's Express Post service.

greeting cards packaged in tissue paper ready for shipment

COVID19 Impacts

As you know, COVID19 continues to be a global problem, and here in Australia it is still having a significant impact on shipping delays. At present, items I've shipped with Australia Post's Express Post service have been experiencing delays of up to 5 days, meaning your art might take around two weeks' time to reach you within Australia.
For courier shipments, I've found the delays to vary greatly, with some items being delivered in line with the normal shipping estimate, while others are delayed for 2-3 weeks. It's honestly been a bit of a lucky dip, though at least you will typically have some indication of where your order currently is based on the courier's tracking service.
That being said, please be patient when awaiting your orders - I'm getting them to you as quickly as I can in these unprecedented times!

If you have any further questions about shipping, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email or DM!

AJ xx


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  • After reading your blog, you are one very busy lady. Good luck with the Xmas rush on postage.

    • Kerrie Maloney